A Story of South America

My first international trip without my parents was in December 2014, where my best friend, who makes many appearances in my blog posts (and life ), and I set off to Argentina, Uruguay, and Peru. I got infected with the travel bug down there. It was a complete adventure, especially because as barely 21-year-olds, we had planned, financed, and survived this crazy trip.

Making a Hostel a (Temporary) Home

Jumping around the globe can be expensive and hostels are a terrific way to offset costs. Just because of their nature of attracting so many types of people and being ever-present, everywhere, hostels are a grab bag of experiences. I’ve lodged at my fair share of hostels and came up with seven tactics for anyone to elevate a regular ol’ hostel stay to a great one.


Repetition doesn’t need to be trite, many a times a repeated pattern, with minor variations, can be extraordinarily beautiful. So, naturally, I look for them. Repeated patterns take over most of my clothes and are definitely one of my favorite subjects to photograph.

The Naked Truth About Onsens

In Kawaguchiko, Japan – nestled at the base of Mt. Fuji – my best friend and I stayed in a hostel. After hiking up and down the mountain, all the women in room 4 wanted to do something fun to wind down. We hopped over to a steamy, hot, club where clothes are prohibited: the local onsen.

23 Lessons From Age 23

Today marks the day I have successfully travelled around the sun 24 times. That’s right it’s my twenty-fourth birthday! Hello mid-twenties, I guess it’s time for me to start adulting.

Live from New York – it’s Christmastime

Ok, who hasn’t fantasized about seeing the Rockefeller Christmas tree in the flesh? Every Christmas movie I’ve seen as a child set in New York portrayed the entire city overflowing with lights, trees, and overall holiday splendour. Now that I’m living so close to the big city, I had to go see the magic for myself and cross one off the bucket list.

Confessions of a Dog Sitter 🐶

The best job I’ve ever had was during medical school when I was a local dog sitter. When I realized being a dogsitter would fused my love of dogs, exercise, and exploration (and money), I knew I had stumbled into the perfect gig.

Gothenburg // A Midsommar’s Delight

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Is it Christmas? you ask. Why, no, it’s the middle of June, the sun never sets, the temperature barely rises above 60 ºF, and you’re somewhere in the Swedish countryside.

That’s right folks, it’s Midsommar. Time to celebrate.

Dirty Talk: Laundry While Abroad

If you know me, you know I over pack. Doesn’t matter what the purpose of the trip is, how long I’m going away for, or the transportation situation: I will usually bring twice as many clothes as I need. With too many clothes comes the responsibility of washing them all.

Walking Tour Your Way Across Europe

Helsinki. Stockholm. Moscow.

Last summer I was introduced to a mind-boggling concept: free-walking tours. In and of themselves, free-walking tours make a lot of sense, locals who love their city volunteer to show visitors around to experience the city through the native eyes.